Rules for Free Online Casino Games

Published on: April 16, 2009 

Free online casinos games are generally available for anyone who can get on the internet.  It doesn’t seem to matter that you need to register at a site and log in an age.  Some of the free sites for online casino games don’t even ask for a log on.  US residents insist that tighter age restrictions need to be placed on online casino games.  Parents and other adults feel the only way to reduce gambling addictions is to restrict gambling to individuals who are too young.  In fact some figure the only way for US legislators to pass new gambling laws means they either have to overlook family groups who object or to make the online casino games that are free less accessible to younger generations.

Many of the online casinos provide a section for games to play just for fun.  The registration for these online casino games is usually less intense.  There is no need to gain monetary information from the client and sometimes age isn’t even asked for.  This is because the online casino considers the free games less of a risk for anyone who wishes to play.  There is no money involved.

A recent survey in Oregon showed that more 12 to 17 year olds are signing up for online casinos that provide free games.  These individuals are signing up for the free games, but they are still getting access to real online slots.  They just are not making money off of it.  The disregard of tighter security is very concerning for parents and family groups.  They feel that the allowance to use the sites at all will promote gambling addiction.  The study also showed that gambling on the lottery was declined in online casinos by 80 percent.  This part of the study makes it apparent that the online casinos are taking action regarding their money games.  They are just not restricting the free games.

The rules may have to change to appease parents.  However, where is the line drawn?  Parents should be aware that their children can access these games.  Thus they should have a part in their children’s lives regarding online casino games.  Children are taught to play games as they grow up.  Online casino games are really no different until there is a bet for money.  This is where the problems really arise.  So the rules regarding free online casino games may change to appease parents and help open up online casinos to the US.

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