Rival Online Casino offering Free Play

Published on: April 2, 2010 

Rival online casinos are ranked very high among players for their numerous bonuses and free play options.  It is also due to quality.  They offer quality in gaming, customer service, and bonuses.  When it comes to free play we are talking specifically about their bonuses like the welcome bonus.  Online players are allowed to get an introductory bonus when they sign up for a new account.  This bonus is one of the highest in the casino industry without too many qualifications.

Superior online casino is another which has been a favourite for online players of late.  This casino has also provided free money in the form of bonuses.  Each week they offer new bonuses such as loyalty bonuses to their online players.  They have plenty of other extra money options when it comes to playing the games and slots.

Superior has been most impressive this week with a more than standard online bonus.  Any first time depositor can earn 225 percent or $5,500 in a deposit.  The key of course is to provide a deposit of your own which will then get matched.  As long as the bonus is completed by March 30th $25 will be awarded for credits, which means free play.

Another way to earn from Superior online casino is the movie trivia.  Each week they offer a sound clip from a movie.  Customers have to reply to the customer service department by email with the correct answer.  There is always a hint like the current one in which it says the movie is from a series by George Lucas and it is the last of the first three movies to be released in the series.

Superior is a Rival Casino which is what adds to their whole bonus and movie trivia deal.  With Rival there is more fun than just free play from loyalty and initial bonuses.  Rival is powered by their own software which is some of the best graphical creations they can offer.  The bonuses on slots, new bonuses offered every month, and top themes make some of the games a pleasure to play.

If you are looking for an online casino they are to be considered, but don’t take our word for it.  You have to decide for yourself if their bonuses and other options are right for you.  After all it’s your money, and this is only a report on their bonus structure.

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