Research shows that free games help to bring new players to casino sites

Published on: October 9, 2007 

Online casino and bingo games are becoming more popular rapidly in the UK. The games are replacing visits to regular bingo halls and casinos and especially since the smoking ban has been imposed in England. The expansion of the popularity of bingo games in this country has turned the game into the second most popular type of gambling game in the whole world. According to web gaming analysis reports this popularity will not cease to grow in the next few years.

Nowadays poker games are still the most popular amongst regular online casino players and this is expected to remain the case for years to come. Poker is now becoming more popular with younger players thanks to many different online poker game sites as well as television shows showing celebrity poker games and there are even junior poker learning sites for those who’d like to try their luck at this great classic game.

The UK however is very much a bingo nation and even though many bingo halls have closed down in the past few months’ people are not quitting the game. The location of where people are playing the games has just changed from a bingo hall to the comfort of the own home where people are allowed to smoke whenever they want to.

Different research numbers have show that there is a majority to male poker players and casino players in general but bingo games are more popular with female players all throughout the world. Casino web sites are now actively trying to get more women to visit the sites and play casino games. Adding storylines and graphics to casino games such as slot machines, and by changing many basic casino games in general the online casino sites are actively trying to make their games more interesting.

Another way to make online gambling sites more appealing to more players is by making casino games accessible for free. Free games help to introduce new players to online gambling and the general idea is to get people used to playing online. Of course gambling companies hope that the initially played free games will eventually entice new players into turning into regular visitors to gambling sites. Whether this approach is working or not remains to be seen but it is a fact that freebies always help to bring more visitors to active online websites.

The three main casino sites and bingo sites in the UK have reported that offering free game play or a free players credit or bonus has indeed had the desired result of bringing more visitors to gambling sites. It is expected that more casinos will follow the same method to become more popular.

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