Record Breaking Online Slot Machine Jackpot Finally Won

Published on: May 17, 2007 

Well it has finally happened, the massive jackpot that has been  climbing higher and higher as the days go by on the Millionaire's Club  progressive slot machine, has be won! Yesterday, one lucky player hit  the biggest jackpot in online casino history and instantly became a  multi-millionaire.

As of right now, the particular online  casino that the player was playing at has yet to be named, as well as a  confirmation on who the lucky person is and where they are from, but  will likely be revealed by the end of the week.

What we do  know is that the prize was won at one of the Cryptologic powered  casino's out there, which include the popular InterCasino and the newly  released Playboy casino. There is also a rumor suggesting that a player  with the screen name "obaesso" was the lucky winner however, again,  this has yet to be verified.

The jackpot of the Crypto powered  progressive Millionaire's Club Slot Machine has been getting a lot of  publicity recently as the jackpot continued to climb and the excitement  was intense as the far surpassed record breaking numbers just exploded.

Players from all over the world continued to follow the  excitement and every day thousands of players played the game in hopes  that they would be the one to break it. But the days and months went by  and the anticipation of being that winner increased and got more  intense and then finally, yesterday, May 16th it all came to an end.

The  total jackpot that has no doubt changed the winners life was a whopping  $5,898,352.00. No Jackpot has ever reached this amount before and  online casino history has been made. But how long will this record hold  up? It could be beat before we know it as the current Millionaire's  Club, which has just been reset after yesterday's win, has already  reached a near $2 million.

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