Realtime Gaming Video Poker Variants

Published on: May 15, 2011 

Realtime Gaming is one of the leading software providers to online casinos. And like other software providers it offers an excellent range of video poker games. Two of these games are very popular because they can be played at only those online casinos that are powered by Realtime Gaming.

The first of the innovative video poker variants is Mystery Bonus Poker. It is based on the common Jacks or Better variant and uses the Jacks or Better payout table. The additional Mystery Bonus feature, which is a wheel on the right side of the screen, makes the game more exciting. The player places the wager and clicks the Draw button as usual. But before the initial hand is dealt, the Mystery Bonus Poker wheel spins and reveals a poker hand ranking from the payout table. The game is then played out in the usual manner, with the player having the option to replace some or all of the cards dealt. If the final hand has the ranking shown by the Mystery Bonus wheel then the payouts are doubled.

The Mystery Bonus feature compels players to tweak the optimum Jacks or Better strategy. Because of the doubled payouts it could be worthwhile to try for a lesser chance of getting the ranking indicated by the Mystery Bonus wheel than to go for the most likely outcome. The higher return and the higher risk have to be balanced carefully.

The other exclusive video poker variant at Realtime Gaming powered online casinos is Pick’em Poker. At first the payout table looks very attractive. The payout begins with Nines or Better instead of the usual Jacks or Better. The high ranking hands, like Royal Flush, pay more than in the normal Jacks or Better Game. But once players look into the game play of Pick’em Poker they will realize that these increased benefits are compensated by the lower probability of achieving them. The players are dealt two cards face up and two stacks of three cards each. In each stack the top card is face up and the other two are face down. The players have to pick one of the stacks based on their two cards and the face up card in each stack. Once the choice is made, the face down cards of the stack are exposed. The five card hand so formed is compared with the payout table hand rankings and payouts made for winning combinations. If the face up card of any stack makes a winning combination with the two dealt cards, like Jacks or Better or Three of a Kind, then players should choose that stack. Otherwise players have to select the stack that will maximize their expected winning.

Most video poker variants have a Double or Nothing Bonus Round. Mystery Bonus Poker and Pick’em Poker also have this round. This round comes into play when the players have received a payout. Then they have the option to stake the payout in the Double or Nothing Bonus Round or to collect it. If they go for the bonus round and win then their payout will be doubled, but if the lose then they will end up with nothing. Mystery Bonus Poker and Pick’em Poker are live at all Realtime Gaming online casinos like Slots Oasis, Cherry Red, Club World and All Star Slots.

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