Quick Tender Reports on US Problems

Published on: May 24, 2011 

Leading payments solutions provider to online casinos, Quick Tender, although based in Europe, remits payments from online casinos to players in several countries, including the United States.

American online players and affiliates have lately been complaining to Quick Tender that there has been a delay in their payments. Quick Tender was very surprised to receive these complaints due to the fact that these funds had been remitted to players from their European bank accounts in time and as instructed.'

After extensive investigation Quick Tender released a public statement explaining the problem. They stated that Quick Tender has for many years they have provided efficient and reliable service to the online gambling industry and added that the exceptionally good service can be nullified by what it calls "the vagaries of the US administration". Quick Tender was obviously referring to the actions of the US federal enforcement agencies that were recently initiated against payment processors in the United States which resulted in freezing of bank accounts. Three leading US online poker rooms were forced to shut down by these actions.

Quick Tender revealed in its statement that over the past two weeks they have transmitted withdrawals initiated by their account holders to recipient bank accounts in the United States and reconfirmed that the funds have left their account in Europe. These funds have apparently been accumulated in the Quick Tender's banker's correspondent banking partners' accounts in America and frozen. It is suspected that these funds could be subject to seizure order of the US authorities.

Quick Tender assured users in their statement that it was their intention to ensure that the funds of account holders are safe and it has therefore decided to suspend future withdrawals until the situation is clear to them and the funds that are presently frozen are released. The statement reads "If we continue to transmit bank wires into the US we could find that these funds also do not reach their ultimate beneficiaries. This would simply make the problem worse."

Whilst looking for clarification from the correspondent banks in the US where the funds are lying, Quick Tender users have been requested to be patient. Meanwhile the payment solutions provider is trying to assess its current exposure and trying to find the best way to restart withdrawals so as to ensure that the funds will actually reach the users.

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