Providing Better Customer Service at Online Casinos

Published on: November 15, 2009 

Are we going to be seeing better customer service at online casinos?  Well, that depends on where you are going to be playing.  Online casinos have always endeavored to have the best customer service support they can.  By offering great customer service it is easier for to convert players from land casinos.  Many casinos offer online chat, emails, and other means for communication.  United Kingdom players cannot help but be satisfied by the offerings available for support.

However, one online casino has raised the bar. has just upped their customer service support, and they are now considered the best in the online casino industry.  They already have some great virtual gaming options.  They even had a pretty good customer service support system.  Yet, they felt change was needed.  Now they operate an 80 seat contact centre, with a fully trained team.  Each customer service representative has vital information, past correspondence of members, and statistical data to help solve any issue the client might have with less time and fuss. reports a 50 percent decrease with conflict resolution and response times.  They are now able to handle the calls in 12 hours instead of 24 to solve issues.  The new system is called RightNow.  It has allowed the online casino to tailor the program to their specific needs.  It also allows for a streamlined approach to matters.  Added to the response time customers are able to see with email questions, online casino players can feel they are getting worthy promotions. Instead of sending out hundreds of emails, sometimes duplicate emails to players, the players are receiving the most important promotions and only once.

At the moment has a comprehensive service program to help customers.  But they may not be the only company to make an upgrade.  Several of the online casinos have stated they are looking at areas where they can improve on their customer service.  Right now some casinos will take calls and live chats, but the email programs are still sluggish.  They too are looking for upgrades that can cut the response time on email questions down to 12 hours or less.  It used to be that 24 hours was a good time frame.  Now, however, online casino players want a faster response even to email.  In the next few months we could be seeing more online casino names added to the list of customer service upgrades.

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