Progressive Jackpot Pays Out at Online Casino

Published on: October 7, 2009 

It seems that October is offering many great wins for online casino players.  2009 has actually seen quite a few wins on jackpots.  Many players have been winning anywhere from $10,000 to over a million.  Already this week a progressive jackpot paid out, and now it has happened again.  At an online casino sporting Cryptologic software an online casino player won over $400,000.

The player was playing the Millionaires Club progressive slot.  This is the second time this week that Cryptologic has seen such a large win with their online slot games.  It is the largest two hits in the entire year for the company and the slot.  The fact that it was the same slot on both wins is even more interesting.  About two and a half years ago when Millionaires Club was released more than a half million dollars was won by a player.  The $400K from this latest win is the largest since then.

In recent months progressive jackpots have not grown as large.  Many are hit before they reach the one million mark.  However, there are still a number of slots that are over a million just waiting for players to get that lucky roll.  The thing about Millionaires Club is that it seems to pay out in a relatively small time period.  For example last year the slot game was hit three times within sixty days.  Now we see it was hit within three days.

For online casino players this just adds faith to the list.  Players know there is a chance to get lucky.  Not only is there luck involved, but it seems there is a possibility that more progressive jackpots could be hit based on the luck of the last few days.  Cryptologic is one online casino that is not available in the United States, so this means the United Kingdom players have a better chance of being winners.

Still, US players do have their own online slots like Vegas Technology online casinos, so those jackpots tend to increase at a quicker rate as there are more players helping the pot to grow.  Over two million dollars has been won in the last few weeks in US and UK online casinos.  It seems the time is now to get lucky and find major rewards for having an online ID.  For UK players the progressive jackpot slots will continue to grow and pay out.

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