Poker Players Alliance Announces Congressional Endorsements

Published on: October 31, 2010 

With mid- term elections only a few days away, the Poker Players Alliance has released a list of 56 Congressional candidates who it feels will best represent the interests of poker players.

Poker Players Alliance chairman, Former Senator Alfonse D’Amato and Former Congressman Toby Moffet, stated that more and more of their elected officials in Congress are seeing the value of establishing a safe, regulated market for online poker through the efforts of the Poker Players Alliance and its members.  He added that they are very proud to endorse those candidates who have been advocates for poker players.  The endorsements were based on whether or not a candidate demonstrated their support of poker via votes on online poker legislation.

At the moment it is a very crucial time for the licensing and regulation of online poker.  Internet gambling legislation passed the House Financial Services Committee this year but the election could put a stop to poker’s strength on Capital Hill.

John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance agreed that they are at a very critical turning point with the forthcoming election and need to make certain that those members of Congress who have been supportive of them remain.

56 of the 58 candidates endorsed have demonstrated support of poker via votes on online poker legislation such as H.R. 2267, Congressional letters of support, co-sponsorship of bills and public statements.

The two challengers endorsed are John Callahan (D-PA) and Joe Garcia (D-FL) both of who answered questionnaires that were sent out by the Poker Players Alliance favorably. Callahan is endeavoring to unseat Charles Dent (R-PA) who the Poker Players Alliance have graded an F in congressional ratings.  Garcia on the other hand is after a seat that was vacated by Mario Diaz Balart (R-FL) who the Poker Players Alliance has graded a D and is not seeking to be re-elected.

The scary thing for poker enthusiasts at the moment is the fact that a lot of turnover is expected in the election with experts predicting that the move will shift Capital Hill towards the Republicans.  It is felt that the Democrats are more supportive as they voted 34-4 in favor of Barney Frank’s legislation to license and regulate internet gambling while Republicans gave 7 yes votes with 18 opposed.  43 of the candidates endorsed by Poker Players Alliance are Democrats and 15 are Republicans.

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