Playtech Online Casino Software Provider Reports Growth

Published on: January 8, 2008 

Playtech, the world renowned online casino software programming giant, informed the British Alternative Investment Stock market that they continue to benefit from a positive trading movement, with 2007 ending in an incomparable up swing. For Playtech, the end of 2007 brought record revenue levels, which are forecasted to only rise significantly in the coming year.

Playtech is arguably the most top of the line online casino software company available on the market. The company released the incredible trading update, which only brought greater satisfaction to the already positive investors. The incredible finish to last year only moves to heighten the anticipation for 2008. The possible growth projections will astound the best of the investors, as well as the most novice. Playtech has scheduled another report for March 4th 2008, which will release the preliminary results leading to the final report regarding the 2007 record setting growth.

Avigur Zmora, Playtech’s Executive Vice Chairman announced he would be moving his position, into a non-executive role shortly. His new directors position within Playtech will be taking on more of a consultancy role. Zmora will in fact hold a position of senior consultant in the effort to continue to help Playtech’s management grow, and continue to expand their business strategy.

At the close of business yesterday Playtech Limited stock was holding firm at 382 pence on the Alternative Investment Market. The identifying letters for their stock for the market are PTEC. This is a stock well worth watching both for investment and stock market prospective growth. The positive results of Playtech Limited’s incredible growth will be felt throughout the Alternative Investment Market, and will prove to be the marquee of the online casino industry.

The positive results of the implementation of the new Gambling Act in the UK, as of September 2007, prove to be excellent and felt through out the nation, as well as the online gambling industry. This result has been effective in drawing the masses back to the online gambling market, and increasing the casino revenue, even with the unreasonable 15% tax being assessed due to the former Chancellor Brown. The more regulated online gambling laws are permitting visible advertising and audio advertising in a manner that opens the door to the expansion felt by Playtech, at their record setting levels. As the online casinos need the improved software to handle the increased traffic, the growth becomes residual through out the market.

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