Player Wins with Major Jackpot

Published on: June 27, 2009 

For one player the week started out quite well.  A slot player located in the US was able to win a jackpot at the beginning of this week.  The jackpot topped out just below $1 million.  On Wednesday another lucky player followed suit gaining a big with a jackpot.  This second player won $48,985 from Strike Gold.  Strike Gold is a slot machine powered by Rival Gaming Software.  Rival Gaming online casinos had not paid out this month, or last month.

An online player stated that Rival Gaming has managed to show what benefits can be reaped by being in the US.  By offering i-slots at online casinos and much more US players are happy to be online.  However, there are not too many casinos left in the US.  Of course, many international companies are expanding their businesses without having US online casinos.  

Instead of going to the US these international casinos are going to countries opening up their countries to online casinos. The US is not the only place to have bans.  However, with the EU wishing to change the laws, many countries have opened their doors to foreign operators.

Lion Slots Casino has been one online casino to brave the US ban.  They have constantly upgraded their online casino slot games to make it more interesting for US and UK players.  Still, the casino is anxious for the US to change their laws in hopes of gaining more online players.  With two winning jackpots in a week for US online players it does help strengthen the chances of picking up more players.  PartyGaming is another online casino providing a great example of getting back into the US.  They have announced they want to get a US gaming license once the laws change.

For now many casinos are waiting in anticipation of the online changes for the US.  The Republicans are speaking out about Barney Frank’s bill.  Frank is gaining more and more support for his bill, which worries the Republicans.  

They have been staunch supporters of keeping the ban on online casinos.  However, the proposed bill is more in keeping with the European Union’s stand. They feel a country should not have a monopoly.  Barney Frank’s bill would at least help regulate the online industry rather than allowing illegal online gambling to continue.  It would also help relations with other countries within the EU, and with the online casinos.

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