PKR Announces Live Tourney

Published on: March 21, 2010 

PKR is part of the popular London Loose Cannon Club.  The site PKR is a 3D online site for poker fans.  It is unlike some of the other online poker sites because you actually have avatars and a full poker table for those who are playing.  In some poker sites you just have the table and a view of yourself playing.  In the 3D online site it feels more like you are playing in a land based casino.  Many individuals prefer this 3D site as it enhances their play.

PKR has held a live event in years past, and they just announced a new live event.  This event will take place from the 7th to the 9th of May.  They will be basing the event in London, but the actual tournament will be held for online players.  Their online players will show up on the television and online as their avatars.  The online avatars will be competing against live players to make the game even more fun.

The main event is $500 with a side event at $150.  PKR will also be offering more than just this live event on the weekend.  They do not want their other players to be left out.  So for the three days of the tourney other players will have a chance to get into smaller more affordable games.

PKR has become a very popular online casino for their live tourneys with 3D players.  It has also become a favourite due to the options available at the online casino.  PKR IV has just launched along with PKR Poker Party on the site to help get players in the mood for the upcoming live event.

Furthermore, PKR has lowered their entrance fee.  The first time the tournament was held the fee was $1000.  However, they lowered it to $500 to make it more acceptable for players.  The current economy is certainly a factor, but they wanted to get more players into the game.  It should make this live PKR event one of the best for the year.

PKR is just one online casino offering things like live poker tournaments and avatars.  It just happens that they have announced their next live tournament today.  For those with a smaller purse there are plenty of tournaments with a lesser entry to attract attention.  Almost every online casino will have a tournament each weekend for players looking to get lucky.

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