PaddyPower Online Casino Give Away

Published on: June 1, 2009 

PaddyPower is one of the most formidable online casinos.  It has been around for several years as one of the top places to play any game, especially if you are a UK resident.  As a way to keep their consumers happy they provide numerous promotions, loyalty options, and much more each month.  May has pretty much drawn to a close and in honour of the month ending PaddyPower offered a great promotion.

For 12 hours PaddyPower worked on giving 50,000 pounds away to their consumers.  This competition has just drawn to a close, but it was definitely a great way to get interest.  The idea was to have a few days in which players could try to win prizes when they played online casino games.  The top prize was 20,000 pounds.  The way it worked was to have your wager a certain amount.  Whoever wagered the most would win the 20,000 pounds.  Those who played the most number of games were able to win a trip to Monte Carlo.

PaddyPower stated that the number of contestants was remaining low throughout the weekend.  It meant that you had all day to get in on the fun and a big chance to win.  It was recommended that anyone wanting the trip to Monte Carlo should play a slot game like Cleopatra.  In this way you play a great deal of games and it is low stakes.  In fact players could just let the auto run play instead of sitting at the desk.

The winners have yet to be announced.  But it can be said that more players joined in during the Sunday hours, since there were twelve left to play.  The competition was closed down at midnight on Sunday May 31st or technically as the day rolled over to June 1st.

PaddyPower online casino will continue to offer promotions like this to online players.  It will depend on what the casino has thought up to what you might see next.  The facts are pretty simple with tournaments and competition.  There will always be something each month in slots or poker games to join.  PaddyPower is not the only online casino to offer great things.  There are always many tournaments, promotions, and other ways to win prizes at other casinos as well. It keeps us interested and gives us some great chances to experience new things.  This is the first competition in which wagering high or playing a high number of games was done.

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