Paddy Power Super Online Casino Tournament

Published on: June 19, 2009 

Often times there are a number of online casino tournaments which begin on a Friday and end Monday morning.  The tournaments last for the entire weekend, allowing players to try for some of the best winnings.  Paddy Power just announced the beginning of their new tournament.  This tournament unlike others will last past the weekend.  There is an option to win up to £100,000 free.  The competition earns the top player £25,000.  This tournament is slightly different than other tournaments, not only because the first payout is on July 1st but because of how you accrue points.

From now until July you can play as much as you wish.  The points are offered for the amount of time you play and what you play.  So for example, with slot machines you can earn points towards the free money.  You can also play table games to earn points in the tournament.  Most tournaments online have either slot or table games as the focus.  Paddy Power is calling this tournament a race to the hundred thousand pounds.

As long as you belong to the casino you will be able to play in the tournament.  For their players, Paddy Power is sending out a schedule to show which games will accrue points and how many points you earn.  As stated above, there is no cost for the tournament entry.  Players are going to be competing against other players who enjoy gambling just as much as they do.  Each day results are going to be posted in regards to the online casino tournament.  Paddy Power will show you how many points you have and compare that to the top players.  That way, players are able to see where they stand and how many points they need to try and earn the next day.

You do not have to play every day, but obviously the more you play the more chances you have of gaining the winning spot.  The grand prize is 25,000 pounds, but there are up to 50 winners in the competition.  In fact some of the players will earn 500 pounds, even if they were not in the top three.  It is a different type of competition, which allows players to have fun trying for free money.  The best part is there is no entry fee into the tournament.  Paddy Power has even offered advice to their players.  They stated that often players thin out over time, so no one should get discouraged in the first day with the leader board.

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