Open Spots Remain for WSOP Online Qualifier

Published on: June 27, 2008 

The popular online gaming site recently announced that only two qualifying spots remain for a seat in the World Series of Poker main event. Those who qualify will be part of Team Bodog and sit among some of the biggest names in poker playing history.

The World Series of Poker main event takes place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. For many die-hard poker fans around the world, this event serves as the equivalent to the World Series in baseball or the super bowl in football. It is what every amateur poker player dreams of. A chance to sit next to some of the biggest players in poker and play a few rounds is a chance in a lifetime.

Qualifier packages are valued at $12,000. These packages are part of the online gamers World Series of Poker VIP Qualifying promotional event. The first chance to qualify comes Thursday night on the gamer’s website – with a final chance to qualify on Saturday afternoon. The gamer is considering adding an additional qualifier for another $12,000 depending on the interest and prize pool generation amounts of previous qualifying events.

To participate in a qualifier event simply visit the online gamers site and select from one of two options. The first option is buying directly into the tournament for $290. The second option is to enter daily qualifier tournaments for prices starting at $1.50. By selecting the second option, players will work their way up through the ranks of tournament play. There are two daily tournament qualifiers for a buy-in of $27 taking place between now and Saturday. Tournaments are available for play in the $5 and $1.50 seat fees.

Those who win the qualifier events will get a chance to experience poker play with the big boys of poker firsthand. Each winner receives the World Series of Poker buy-in fee of $10,000 and an additional $2,000 to cover related travel expenses.

The fun of winning does not stop there. Winners receive the chance to engage in a little high performance sports. Select racing a corvette around the twists and turns of Spring Mountain Motorsports racetrack. Grab a gun and fire off a few rounds in the next adventure selection. Winners are invited to fire machine guns at the Las Vegas Gun and Paintball Range. The final selection available is a private guided helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

Bodog is happy to bring that chance to its loyal players through these online qualifier events.

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