Online Gambling to be offered by Washington DC

Published on: April 20, 2011 

Subsequent to Washington Major Vincent C Gray having signed the law approving the 2011 budget in January, 2011 providing for generating revenues through online gambling, Washington D C became the first jurisdiction in the United States to legalize online gambling last week.

Congress was allowed a period to object to the plan but this period expired last week.

Executive Director of the D.C. Lottery, Buddy Roogow, revealed that the online gambling would fall under D.C. Lottery and that a 50-50 revenue-sharing agreement has been signed by D.C. Lottery with Interlot USA who will develop and manage the online gambling web site.

The online gambling web site will commence by being free to play and is due to go live on or about 1st July, 2011. Residents of Washington DC will have the opportunity to play for real money at numerous "hot spots" as from 1st September, 2011 with a possibility of there being up to 30 of these hot spots in the jurisdiction. One ideal location for one of the hot spots is the city Convention Centre. Roogow reported that hotels, bars and clubs are also like to be other hot spots. It will be necessary for players who wish to place bets at the hot spots to bring their own computer along with them. Included in the online gambling product will be poker games, casino games as well as betting on fantasy sports.

Before online gambling reaches into players' homes, however, the administrators have to be certain that with all the technology available, the online gambling will be restricted to the geographic limits of Washington DC. It is hoped that this will be in finalized by the end of 2011 and that adults in Washington DC will have the opportunity to enter their payment details on their computers or home laptops and be able to wager on their favorite online casino game, be it slot machines, blackjack or roulette.

There are many residents of Washington DC who are currently engaged in online gambling with the proceeds thereof going to off-shore companies. By regulating online gambling it will ensure that the District receives its share of the financial benefits produced by online gaming.

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