Online Gambling Illegal In Korea But Very Popular

Published on: June 11, 2008 

With over three million players a day, one online gambling site in South Korea is doing well.  Unfortunately, South Koreans who gamble online are doing it illegally and because of this little fact, they are leaving themselves open to a variety of criminal elements that are lurking on online gambling and poker sites and simply waiting for them.  It is believed that the South Korean gambling community is over a few million players, but there is no way to measure an exact number.  

In addition to this, it is unknown how many of these players have also become gambling addicts.  One of the reasons why the number is untouchable has to do with the fact that online casinos in South Korea have been deemed illegal and many players are staying quiet about their addictions.  It is also an effective way of keeping information about the online gaming industry in the country under wraps as well.  A recent television program that aired on MBC TV reported that there were a growing number of addicts on the sites that offer residents of the country their services.

Because it is illegal in the country, there is no regulation by the government and players are left to deal with illegal cyber money dealers who take the players money and runs.  That is their sole purpose for lurking on online casinos and poker rooms that cater to South Korean players: to rip them off.  Surprisingly enough even the Korean specific games are being hounded by nefarious dealers, including but not limited to Hangame.

There are some government agencies who are trying to trace and persecute these illegal money dealers.  They are asking that players report on these illegal operations and are offering fair compensation to those who do for their information.  It is more important to the government to shut down illegal operations than worrying about whether or not their citizens are playing on legal casino sites that could be deemed illegal.  The South Korean government is also dedicating hundreds of police officers in the search for these con-artists.

The South Korean government is attempting to rectify the situation as best they can, but the chore is a large one considering the amount of people is partaking in the online games.  It is a fact of life that online gambling is in South Korea to stay, just like it is in the rest of the world, but whether or not the government will be able to do anymore to protect the player’s remains to be seen.  As long as players keep reporting seemingly illegal activity, the authorities have a chance.

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