Online Gambling Domains Bring in $$$$ at Silent Auction

Published on: May 16, 2007 

At this year’s Casino Affiliate Conference (CAC) that took place earlier this month in Amsterdam, leading providers of domain name registration and management, held a very unique silent auction where it’s easy to say, the big bucks were brought to the table.  

The auction featured some of the online gambling industries most desired web domains, including, one of the world’s most sought after domains,  Other domains that were up for grabs included,,,, and

Not including, the remaining domain names brought in an amazing total of $1.3 million for Moniker.  The highlight of them being,, which was bought for a remarkable 1.2 million dollars.  The others didn’t too bad themselves, selling for up and around $100,000 a piece.  

But the real interest here is who bought and for how much? According to Marc Lesnic, the man behind CAC, was anticipated to go for $10-$20 million.  

Although there has been reports that an alleged offer somewhere around $30 million was made for the much desired domain, unfortunately, at this time, there has been no confirmation and the amount of the actual sale and to whom it was sold still remains a mystery.

This domain name, which has seen it’s share of ups and downs in the past, was expected to generate such expensive interest largely due to the fact that the term “Online Poker” has recently become the most searched phrase in search engines across the web today.

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