Online Casinos With the Good Comes the Bad

Published on: April 30, 2010 

There is a lot of discussion going on about whether online casinos need to be more regulated or if some countries should even allow online casinos through their borders.  Many people have a strong opinion on both sides of the line.  It is amusing in some respects to watch the discussion and the move each country decides to make, especially their basis for it.

An interesting story a few months ago was how an older woman was playing online casino games when her chimney fell crushing her underneath.  She was able to type and got the attention of another online user leading to her rescue.  A case like this helps online casinos, since one can find the good in them.

Unfortunately, most people concentrate on the negative effects of online casinos.  A good example is an incident that occurred today in Panaji.  The Panaji Police were investigating a case of car thefts.  The accused were hiring cars, but instead of returning them they sold them illegally.  From these sales they were able to take the money and make a profit at online casinos.  This car theft was going on for the last two months.  The thieves constructed a way that they could play online casino games by stealing.

Though they are still accused the case will need to reach court to find them guilty.  What is known is that 16 cars were hired, sold, and the money was used in the online casinos.  Luckily, eight of the cars have been recovered.

In this instance the online casinos were just being targeted for playing by unsavoury characters.  They did not devise any way to steal online IDs; however, that is a common fear among online casino users.  Their information could be stolen if security is not tight enough during the verification process or during money transactions.

With numerous arguments it is hard to know what stories to believe when companies talk about the safety of their online casinos.  Yet, one can look at anything in life and see a positive and negative side.  This is one of the main reasons that countries like the UK believe regulation is required from a country and thus state level.  If they have a hand in legally regulated online casinos it is can be easier to find those unsavoury characters who do try to scam real players in the online world.

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