Online Casinos Win with Dollar Bets

Published on: April 19, 2009 

In blackjack there are several options during game play.  You can choose to hit, stand, double down, etc.  However there is one option that has online casinos increasing their revenue.  The 21 Madness as some call it is a $1 bet that you can make in addition to your regular bet to get into the game.  The bet is simply to win in case you get a blackjack on the first two cards you are dealt.  The online casino options are a little different than your table game in a land casino.

In the online casino when you have a natural hand a push button will light up.  It provides you with a display much like a slot machine random number generator if you have bet the dollar.  If you do not bet the dollar at the beginning of the game you will not be able to choose the bonus round.

The thing is you have to have the natural hand in order to get the bonus round, and that is only if you made the dollar bet.  When you do make the bet you could win a bonus of $5 to $1,000 or the equivalent amount in pounds.  Unfortunately the chance of winning a natural hand is very slim.  Experts state that a natural hand occurs in one hand out of 21.  So if you bet on all 21 hands you will get the chance to get in the bonus round once.  If this happens you generally break even on the hand.

Some information even states that you will earn $16 instead of breaking even on the bonus round.  This gives the house edge 23.8 percent.  If you don’t understand how the bet works you might think that the bonus round is a great idea.  This is why online casinos are upping their revenues.  They have online gamblers who don’t necessarily understand what the bet is really all about.  The experts are warning online gambling players not to fall into the trap of these bonuses.  Blackjack is not a game of chance, but the bonus is.  You can certainly have a strategy in the online blackjack game for when you hit, stand, double down, etc.  With the 21 madness bet you never know when a natural hand will occur.  It is pure chance like a slot machine.  This is why the online casinos are winning with the $1 bets.

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