Online Casinos vs Land Casino A Study

Published on: April 2, 2010 

A recent study was conducted to see what draws more people into gambling.  The question has been whether land based casinos can hold onto their consumers with online casino options.  This question is most particularly important when it comes to the US working towards allowing online gambling.

It was determined from this study that more people enjoy online casinos, and do not mind frequenting land based casinos every once in a while.  The draw to land based casinos has been the fun, entertainment, and social experience.  Vegas and Macau are just a couple of places gamblers will head when they want an out of home experience.

Yet, these benefits of land based casinos are being found more and more in online casinos.  Online casinos have many of the same games as the land based places, but there are added benefits one doesn’t find at the land based locations.  First, online casinos provide a place one is most comfortable in with their own furniture, the ability to smoke, or sit in their pyjamas and play. Plus the dealers in online casinos are computers rather than real people and the other players want the same benefits of the online world, so this reduces some of the conflicts land based places provide.

Space is also limited in land based casinos in which they can only provide a certain number of games, tables, and more.  The online world is also becoming more and more social.  Online casinos are striving to add live dealers or avatars to make the experience more real.  Players can design their own avatars to sit around a table or play the game.  It offers a reality within a virtual reality for most online gamblers.

The space for online casinos is also unlimited.  They can add games as new games come out, meaning that a player has plenty of options whenever they log in even if it is not frequent.

Online casinos also have one more benefit that seemingly draws more players than land based locales, according to the study.  The other benefit is providing a place to learn the games.  In a land based casino it is better to come prepared about a game, especially if it is going to be a table game.  In the online world it is easy to learn how to play the game, find rules, and eventually begin betting more once comfortable.

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