Online Casinos to Breakout in Japan

Published on: February 17, 2009 

The online casino industry has grown exponentially since the late 1990’s.  Many countries in the world have online casinos available for their residents.  In some countries online casinos are still frowned upon, like the US.  The US allows their states to ban the online casino world.  So you might wonder why Japan is just now getting to the online casino world.

For years they have had land based casinos.  Yet the online casino has not opened their doors.  With a population of 128 million it seems like an untapped resource.  For now online casino gambling has been banned.  In recent months there has been new talk regarding the lifting of this ban.  The land based casinos do not make a great deal of revenue for Japan, and it seems that these gambling operators want to increase their revenue.  The Liberal Democratic Party has begun to talk with the online gambling operators.  Some of these operators are servicing the UK and other parts of the world.  They are trying to make a change within the state to make gambling a success.

Japan seems on the edge for allowing the online casino integration to take place.  They still have some concerns regarding the wealth their people may spend and are concerned about gambling problems.  They do not want addiction to ruin their country.

Still, the government believes the changes occurring in online casinos around the world may lead to helping them protect their citizens. Right now there are security measures in place that one can no longer spend what they do not have online.  There are more restrictions on how accounts can be funded.  These changes in online casino gambling are helping to change the opinion of Japanese government officials, so that they might decide to lift the ban.

By lifting the ban many believe they will increase their tourist industry and that tax revenues will increase.  Asian countries around Japan still have their bans in place.  If the ban is lifted in Japan they may see more tourists flying into their country to take advantage of the online casino gambling as well as other land based businesses.

For now Japan is still in the decision stage looking at the various software possibilities, but officials are saying as early as 2010 could have an online casino industry in Japan.  This will of course increase the revenues for the online casinos they decide to allow into the country.

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