Online Casinos Still Taking Credit Cards

Published on: April 19, 2010 

Some of the credit card companies, mainly MasterCard have been trying to make it more difficult for online players.  MasterCard made an announcement that they would block online casino transactions.  They even went so far as to find software that would help them recognize the online casino transactions.  For online players this has been a difficult change because it means less access to funds to play the games.

MasterCard is trying to cut down on gambling debts, which lead to over limit fees, late fees, and eventually numerous defaults.  MasterCard has long been the second credit card company on the global market.  In fact they are second only because of Visa, who has the most clients around the world.  Such a big corporation taking away credit card usage at online casinos has a major effect.  Most of this has been in the United States where the online casino gambling laws strictly forbid this type of operation.  However, the United Kingdom which has the largest online casino industry has definitely been affected.

Despite the changes by MasterCard and to a degree other credit card companies it has been impossible to block all online casino activity using credit card charges.  The online casinos are working tirelessly to find ways to put the credit cards through.

They want to offer their online casino players different options when it comes to funding their account.  The more options they can offer the more players they will have.  For right now credit cards are still accepted at most online casinos.  They are paying for the privilege of offering their players the option of using credit cards, but they will continue to work around the blocks being put in the way.

For those who do not use credit cards there are definitely other methods to fund an account.  Cheques, wire transfers, NeTeller, and other online payment sites will allow you to do a money transfer into online casinos.  eWallets are also quite popular among online casino players, which is one reason online casinos offer this option.  If online players do not use their credit cards they will see some top benefits from the online casino.

Since online casinos are charged for the credit card option they are looking for ways to entice other payment methods from online players.  GoCasino and BoDog casino are two places that are offering bonuses if you do not use credit cards.

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