Online Casinos Offering IPhone Scarab Solitare

Published on: April 28, 2009 

Online casinos are branching out everywhere to make certain gamblers can find the games they want when they want them.  Jadestone is a Nordic gaming company which has been making new heights in the industry.  The first programme they released was DiceArena.  This was a software programme.  They have just launched their Scarab Solitaire game for the Apple IPhone.

Scarab Solitaire is based on an Egyptian concept in which the cards are printed with pyramid structures.  This game along with other Jadestone wonders is played with the GameArena platform.  It is a lot like the Facebook rendition.  To date the game has been played 30 million times in the last 6 months.  Jadestone felt they had to get involved with the IPhone.  There are hundreds of entertainment options.  It was a good move to get in while there was still an open resource.  What makes it even better in the eyes of the creators is adding 3D animations to the games and the ability to choose whatever music the player wants.

Scarab Solitaire is not a gambling game, but it does speak to what is available on mobile phones.  More and more companies like Jadestone are trying to enter the mobile phone industry.  They have already cleaned up on the internet, now the phones are the next advance.

Online casino companies have been working tirelessly on platforms enabling them to launch their most favoured casino games on phones.  Cryptologic, Microgaming, and Rival software companies already have some of their most popular games available via mobile phones.

It is not that the game will change, but how you can view it.  On a regular computer you can upload a casino style image with the slot machine in the centre.  You get to see more.  With mobile phones you want the players to still see the game, as well as have the same enjoyment found via internet.

It can be a tricky perspective, but the online casino world is certainly going to pull it off.  The animations and 3D found online is going to translate directly to the mobile phone industry for online casino gambling.  Anyone can access the mobile phone pages as long as they have a log in.  They do have to register, create an account, and be of legal age.  Then with a compact mobile phone and a quick few minutes they can log on and win a little money while having fun.

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