Online Casinos Finding New Ways to Attract Players

Published on: September 26, 2007 

Online casinos are constantly looking for ways to attract more players and to keep regular players coming back to their websites. It can be difficult to keep an online casino going, as there is an overload of gambling websites where people can try their gambling luck. So inventing new additions to a casino site and to constantly make games more fun and interesting is one of the backbones of a successful online casino company. An online gambling company has now developed games linked to well-known board games and even to one of the most famous singers in the world.

Research into players’ behavior has shown that people enjoy gambling games that go beyond the traditional setups. Storylines are added to games or graphic changes are made to make a game more fun to play. One of the most successful online casino companies called WagerWorks has now released new versions of two of their most important games. Two mega jackpot games have been added to their already successful gambling site. The jackpot games are loosely based on the well-known family games Cluedo and the very popular Monopoly.

The monopoly themed game works around a new slot with the game’s theme. Players have the opportunity to win the mega jackpot and the game has nine pay lines. With five reels the game offers relatively large bonuses available in multi-denominations. There are two great bonuses linked to the multi-currency of the game and players have many chances to come away from this online casino game with a significant win. True to the original version of the Monopoly game there are pass-go player bonuses and there is a chance to win extra money during the game with chance to win extra spins on the slot machine with free spin bonus action.

The Cluedo-based game has the same features when it comes to availability in multi-denominations and different currency options. There are five different player reels and 20 different paylines. Based on the classic murder theme there is a mystery bonus for players to win up to 15 free slot spins. There are 20 different pay lines so the chance to win money is real.

WagerWorks, the producer and owner of these games is now planning to release yet another new game. They are working on an Elvis based multistrike type gambling game. There will be several levels of reward multipliers and special bonuses for free spins. With three levels of free spinning options and at least 20 different pay line sets available to players it is expected that this game will be highly successful. There will be extra bonus rounds offering great Elvis tracks and even live concert footage of Elvis.

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