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Published on: September 12, 2007 

The first Indian online gaming company is preparing to release its new casino gaming site and actual casino on a luxury boat anchored just off the coast of Goa. This popular tourist haunt has been lacking a luxury casino and the American tourists in the area are especially excited at the prospect of being able to relax and play their favorite games when the sun sets.

Amar Sinha, manager of the Pan India Network (running the well-known Playwin online casino network) has stated that construction on the floating casino will start in 2008. The ship is said to offer not only 20,000 sq ft of gaming space. There will be a luxury restaurant, possibly some private rooms for regular guests, a security and control room and private spaces as well as possibly s small shopping area and relaxation treatment rooms. The ship will be able to compete with the best casinos in Las Vegas and is surrounded by the wonderful scenery of Goa. Tourists will be able to combine the relaxing beauty of this Indian gem with the excitement of casino games at night.

The ship that will be used as a casino is in Italy to be refurbished and when the ship is based in the international waters near Goa, high-speed luxury motorboats will transfer guests from the beach to the casino. The Playwin brand will not rest after the completion of this project and is aiming to expand its business into South Africa as well as the European mainland and Asia. New casino game properties will also be opened in the Indian Maharashta area and the successful company is now expanding its interests.

Pan India, one of the larger Indian betting companies, has now acquired Ten10 Digital, a British telecasting company focusing on broadcasting horse races. The company is moving swiftly into different areas of the betting world. There are even plans to start a betting company for cricket games and if the time is right the 70 percent of cricket bets in England coming from India can be placed in India itself.

There is a huge illegal betting market in India and this fact alone is proof enough that any type of betting whether it be in casinos or betting on races or cricket matches is bound to be a very successful venture. The Indian government is already losing millions through illegal betting prevention and is working to establish a betting watchdog group. This body will control the rules and regulations and should make sure that companies act according to these rules. This will be easier to do if there are more official casinos and betting properties in the country.

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