Online Casinos and What Dangers They Could Pose

Published on: March 5, 2009 

It is no secret that the UK and the rest of the world is struggling with the credit crunch.  Families are losing their housing due to foreclosures and job losses.  You might be asking yourself what this has to do with online casinos though.

The online casino world provides entertainment for millions around the world. We all like to show up and then in a casino try out our luck.  If we make a little money off a small bet we’re having fun.  Still there are others who take online casino gambling a little far.  They become addicted.  It is at this point that things in their life can be ignored, or worse that they could lose money they need.

The US has long felt that online casino gambling is something that should not continue.  They have continually worked at laws to ban it from residents in the US.  Several of the online casino software companies have even felt pressured into leaving the US market due to the pressures.

Japan and other Asian countries have tried more and more to get the illegal gambling under control, while still keeping a ban in place.  Sadly things are changing to where it might be more important to allow gambling to be legal where it is not.  Japan is even considering opening up their market to online casinos.

However, this will not change the move that is being made in Ireland.  In Ireland potential homeowners that gamble online may face a decline on their mortgage application.  The banks feel that anyone who gambles online is too much of a risk due to the addiction it creates and the potential loss of money regarding repayment of the loan.  The Independent Mortgage Advisers Federation came out today that they will be in support of loans being denied due to lifestyle choices.

In fact what some of the banks have done is state that they will remove a certain amount of funds from the amount a person can borrow.  In other words, if you gamble 150 Euros a month they will target your gross income to be less that amount.  So if you make 2000 Euros a month the gross income they look at will be 1850 Euros.  This reduces the amount a person can borrow on a loan.  While the banks have not gone so far as to decline any applications yet it could very well happen soon.

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