Online Casinos and Land Phone Lines

Published on: September 23, 2009 

A lot of online casino news has been about the advent of mobile phone online casino sites.  The option of getting online at casinos no matter where you are is exciting.  Yet, in recent weeks a change has occurred in the online casino world.  Many online casino players are worried about their monetary transactions.  They are changing their payment methods in order to feel more secure about the transactions.

One thing that has changed is that more and more players are phoning in their payment methods.  They are using the phone to give the online casino their credit card, bank account information, or other payment method.  Some of the payment methods are also being changed.  For example American Express is charging high penalties for online casino players.  These players have switched to other methods like their bank accounts or debit cards. They are also using prepaid credit cards.

No matter the payment method one thing is for certain.  The online casino players are beginning to use their phones.  Since mobile phones are more expensive to use online casino players are also stopping their use of them to make their payments.  Many of the online casino players are using land lines.  In fact they are keeping their home based lines just so that they can use the land lines to make their payments.  Others have been a little more inventive by using land lines at work.  They close their office door and call in a payment.

There is another payment method that has recently cropped up on the internet.  900pay is an online payment system.  The online casino players can make deposits from a land based telephone.  The programme uses eWalletXpress to finish the transaction.  However, this payment method is not available in the UK yet.  It is only available in Canada and the US.  Rushmore Casino, Online Vegas Casino, and Club USA Casino are using 900pay.  The system is fast, easy, and secure.

Those in the UK are still using land lines, but to a lesser degree than other countries.  Still, the online casinos want their players to know they use the highest security they can to protect the payments.  They continually update their sites to ensure they have the best.  Anyone with questions regarding security can contact their online casino for more details.  It can help put your mind at ease regarding the various payment methods.

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