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Published on: September 28, 2007 

What games do online casino players prefer when they visit an online gambling site? Most people appear to prefer the slot machines. The slots have always had an appeal to gamblers both in real life and on a virtual gambling site. Las Vegas knows what the appeal is and that is why there are so many gaming halls filled with rows and rows of slot machines. Even if the ‘ arm’ on the ‘ one armed bandits’ are fake, regular players will still happily sit down and play for hours on end.

So what about the online slot machines? Are they as fun as the real thing? According to research they are. Players often prefer the slots to other gambling games on online casino sites. The slot machines are easy to play and provide relaxation as well as a very real chance to win a significant amount of money in the process.

A Canadian woman got lucky twice in fact. She ended up winning two significant amounts of money in just a few weeks time. She is now the second Slotsland gambler to have won a progressive jackpot in a short amount of time. Slotsland is one of the best-known and most popular gaming sites when it comes to online gambling. The Canadian player won two jackpots worth $146,761 and $165, 318. She has said that she will still be playing for fun after these big wins. This is a player that often chooses to use the so-called Booster slot machine. She likes the fact that with this machine you have an option to actually ‘ boost’ your chances of winning a large sum of money. However a friend tipped her about a slot machine called ‘ Magic’. She had won a small amount of money on that machine and the Canadian player decided to try her luck too.

The jackpots and additional booster options attract most players to the slots and the Slotland website offers a regular jackpot of over $150,000 or more.  

Slotland have now taken on a new policy when it comes to slot games and jackpots. There is a guarantee that it won’t take a long time for the machines to pay out a new high jackpot amount and a big jackpot will hit several times a week. Then the machine will restart at $50,000 and grows quickly to over $100,000

Slot machine games pay if you get lucky and playing the slot machines is the simplest way t0o try and get some cash out of a virtual gambling game on the Internet. As with all gambling there is a huge element of luck and most people will try a certain slot machine only for a short amount of time before they move on to another one.

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