Online Casino School Now Open

Published on: January 26, 2008 

Looking to understand and learn how to play the most popular casino games?  Does Baccarat confuse you?  Then fear no more.  A new online casino school has been launched on the Royal Vegas website in order to teach players tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your game and help you succeed in winning more times than not.

Designed to help experienced players and novices alike, the site is hosted by the Fortune Lounge Group.  The Royal Vegas website is Fortune Lounge’s most popular online casino website.  The school will help player’s learn games they may never have considered playing before because they do not understand how the game is played.  It will enhance the player’s talents and experience, or, in the case of new players, help them gain experience.

Fortune Lounge has surveyed players and researched the many different types of games that are played on online gambling sites.  Most of the people they spoke to stated that their confidence levels in playing new games were lacking.  They were afraid to try playing something new because of their ignorance of the game.  By setting up this online casino school, players can take all the time they need to learn what they want.

As a way to help the players at the Royal Vegas website, the Fortune Lounge Group worked up the concept of the school to help players.  The school use tutorials to teach their players new games, strategies, tips, practice games, and trivia and quizzes after the tutorials to help reinforce what they have learned.  By assisting players to become better at the games they already know, they gain the confidence to learn some of the other games the website offers.  

The school’s tutorials feature the following popular casino games: Baccarat; Blackjack; Craps; Slots; Video Poker; Online Tournaments; Keno; Red Dog; Roulette; Scratch Card; and Sic Bo.  Players can also receive a newsletter from the casino school that offers them countless information on promotions, new games, and members who have won at one of Fortune Lounge’s many online casino gambling sites.

Players at the Royal Vegas casino website can play games in two different ways.  They can download the casino program which will provide them with 155 different games, or they can play what is called ‘casino lite’.  Casino lite allows players to start playing games immediately without downloading anything, but the selection is limited.  More information about Royal Vegas and their casino school can found by visiting the website at

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