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Published on: June 5, 2009 

Online casinos have a variety of ways to reward their online players.  The rewards change as the seasons vary and new ideas come to light.  The offerings will even change based on the new games being released into the market. has just come out with a new online casino reward.  This reward went to the three millionth player to be on their site.

Charles C. was given a prize of $334.  The package included $100 in credits, $100 in chips, and then one of the 75 Vegas style online casino titles the casino has.  Charles told news media he will be betting on the Lakers with his credits and will play the chips at the dice and Pai Cow tables.  Along with the other offerings was $25 to bet on the Belmont Stakes happening Saturday, with a buy in to the poker tournament.  The poker tournament has a $100,000 guaranteed prize.  The winner will get over $20,000 of that amount.  It is rewards like this that make the online casinos interesting.

Charles C. also spoke out saying that he found driving 30 miles to the nearest casino was no longer worth it with what online has to offer.  Little did he know that he would be getting an extra incentive for signing up at an online casino above normal means.

While this is exciting news for those who have joined online casinos for sports betting the games are beginning for the Belmont Stakes.  This is another North American Horse Race which happens each year.  The odds for the competition have been released at online casinos.  Mine the Bird has been a winner in past tournaments and is considered a strong winner in the Saturday races.  It’s a bit hard to determine the stakes, but they are high towards Mine the Bird.  Some are considering Horseswild to be the winning horse, so bettors need to check out the odds regarding this horse as well.

However, Triple Crown season seems to be high.  In fact Triple Crown will be racing the Belmont as the last race.  So it will be interesting to see if Triple Crown comes out the winner again or if the other horses with high odds will actually take the win.  Bodog has the odds and sports book up and running for those interested.  It is possible to join the 3 millionth player in betting on one of the horses for Saturday.

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