Online Casino Players In The US Have A Place to Play

Published on: June 23, 2008 

If you are an American citizen looking for an online gambling room that will actually accept your registration, then stop looking. is the online casino that you need to go to.  Operated from the United States, the site is perfectly legal for players based on the requirements set out by the government that defines what a gambling website consists of.  The three components include a reward that is given to players, the element of chance in selecting a winner, and consideration by players.

This basically boils down to this: players pay money to play a game they may or may not win.  Centsports has figured out a way around this.  They do not charge their customers anything, allowing them to register and play with no cash deposit.  The site gives their players money to play with and allows them to keep it if they should happen to win.  If they lose, the get to start over with none of their own money being in jeopardy.

The masterminds behind are money management gurus which is how they are able to offer American online casino players the chance to play.  Each player is given ten cents to start out with and they can use that ten cents to bet on any of the Las Vegas style games.  When a players account reaches $20, they can legally cash out the money in increments of $10 or all of it at once.  There is a set total payout on the site and players at Centsports that win are required to compete for the community pot.  Big winners to the site do get priority on the community pot.

How can this site do this? gets their funding from selling advertising and allowing companies to reach a wider audience than they could before.  So far there are 20,000 American players registed and playing online...legally.  If they sign up a friend, they get a credit of 5% that is based on their friend’s winings.

Many heavy gamblers may balk about playing with ten cents, but most people simply enjoy the online casino action and are not obsessed with winning or losing.  The beauty of Centsports is that the player is always a winner whether or not they win or lose at the table.  If they lose, Centsports starts them out with another ten cents without the player having to file bankruptcy for spending the family fortune.  If they win, well, they can keep going or take the money and run.

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