Online Casino Player Stunned by Slotland Jackpot Win

Published on: January 16, 2011 

An exceptionally lucky online slots player at, who is known only by her pseudonym, TWOTONEJOAN, began the year 2011 with a very good start after winning a massive sum of $104,514 playing the three-reel, one pay line game, Booster at at the beginning of this month.

TWOTONEJOAN has not been part of the online casino world for long and still feels as though she is a newbie at the casinos.  This novice player has revealed that she still cannot believe that she was actually the lucky winner of the latest progressive jackpot at  The lucky player added that after trying her luck at a few casinos she discovered and that she enjoyed playing there from the very beginning as she liked the fact that the site’s games are very different to those that are offered at the other sites.  The two games that TWOTONEJOAN enjoyed playing the most before she got so lucky on Booster, was Treasure Box and Reel Riot but her big win has changed this and her favorite game is now definitely BOOSTER.

Although the jackpot at gets hit every six to eight weeks on average at around $150,000 this win came earlier than usual but it was still definitely enough to make this fortunate winner one of the happiest online players in the New Year.

TWOTONEJOAN intents going on a massive shopping spree and making sure that she has kept aside enough of her winnings so that she can continue playing slots games before putting the balance toward her mortgage.

Speaking on behalf of, Michael Hilary said that despite the fact that a huge number of players enjoy playing multi pay-line slot machines like their new slot, Lucky Ducts, where players get to bet up to 19 pay lines per spin, there are many players who enjoy simpler games like Booster.  Hilary added that the fact that there is no bet that is every totally lost is another thing that online players really enjoy about Booster.  Every bet that does not win gets added to a special fund that can be cashed at any time for ten percent of its value or in a special “all-or-nothing win/lose spin” where players get to recover all their lost bets.

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