Online Casino Player Saves Womans Life

Published on: September 3, 2009 

You might think the title is a little out there when you read an online casino saved a woman’s life, but it is no joke for a 70- year old woman who lives in Auburn, Nebraska.  This could very well be a lesson for everyone to learn.  In the middle of the night Nita Renee got up because she couldn’t sleep.  She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She decided to join a Canasta game at her favorite online casino.

When she got into the Canasta room at the online casino she saw a chat box where someone was asking for help.  Instead of discounting the words as a joke, she took them seriously, and was able to save the woman’s life by asking questions about the woman’s name and address.  The paramedics arrived at the 70- year olds home to find her chimney had crashed into her living room, falling right on to the woman’s chair, crushing her legs beneath it. The only option was for the woman to use her internet connection to get help.

The paramedics stated that if it hadn’t been for the woman in Oklahoma there is no telling when the old lady would have been found, and if she would have lasted until that time. This incident occurred over the weekend and the older woman had to undergo leg surgery in order to save her limbs.  The older woman’s family calls Nita Renee a hero for her act in finding out who the woman was and how to get her help.  Nita Renee on the other hand says she was simply doing what needed to be done.  She saw a plea for help and answered.

With an incident like this camaraderie and social networking has seen an increase at online casinos.  People who have heard of the incident in the US are already trying to share it with their friends around the world.  Players at online casinos are able to chat while playing the games, which makes it a lot like being in a brick and mortar casino.  People can congratulate other players when they win, share stories, and just have a chat about anything.  Since the beginning of online casinos social networking has been of prime importance to players.  Now it has taken another step in saving a woman’s life by a simple act of kindness.  Perhaps Barney Frank will be able to show other ways the online casinos could be good for US players and get the laws reversed.

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