Online Casino meets World of Heavy Metal

Published on: June 29, 2008 

Cantor Gaming, operator of popular online gaming site, announced a new partnership with a heavy metal magazine. It is not what players may imagine when envisioning what sort of relationship can be taking place. The new business relationship is Cantor Gaming’s part to add a new line of casino games to its already impressive lineup.

The partnership with fantasy magazine publication Heavy Metal will serve as a creative block for a line of Heavy Metal themed games to debut in late summer. By embarking on this new relationship, the gaming company will be able to create lifelike gaming characters based on real life Heavy Metal personalities.  

Kevin Eastman, owner of Heavy Metal, discussed how he believes the new relationship will be the best of both worlds. It gives each business partner the opportunity to embark on new ventures that would not previously be afforded by a lack of the present relationship. This new relationship will provide the gaming company with the opportunity to bring famed Heavy Metal characters to life in animated form. For many heavy metal fans, seeing their favorite artist become a gaming icon is music to their ears.  

Mr. Eastman also holds the distinction of being the co-creator of the widely popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These turtle characters are beloved by millions of children, young and old, across the globe. Heavy Metal is an adult-themed comic book that has earned Eastman the privilege of having a movie based on his life created. This movie is set to debut in 2010.  

For its part in the new business relationship, Cantor Gaming gets the opportunity to create an entire line of games centered on heavy metal characters. Not only does this opportunity expand its gaming sequences but it will also bring new players to the gaming tables. The gaming industry giant is constantly searching for that next big thing that will keep its games fresh and exciting for players.  

Teaming up with Heavy Metal magazine to create a line of heavy metal based games keeps in line with this business goal. Manu Gambhir, managing director of Cantor Gaming expressed the understanding that Heavy Metal musicians have long been icons around the globe. The game design team saw infinite opportunities in new gaming brands utilizing the Heavy Metal aspects.  

With the newly formed relationship with Heavy Metal magazine finalized, the design team is hard at work putting those brain storming opportunities to work as real life games that will make a summer debut on the gaming website.

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