Online Casino Going Global

Published on: June 7, 2009 

Online casinos have decided they need to keep on top of the market in order to make a profit.  Unlike land casinos the online world offers limitless possibilities, or so it seems.  Many of the online casinos have been opening up new websites to target a larger audience.  To do this they create sites which support a number of languages.  This is nothing new for some of the larger online casinos, but for 32Red online casino it is the first time they have decided to open the doors to the globe.  They are going to offer their site in eleven different languages.  They were awarded the 2003 Best Casino Award.

International players will be able to get access to six new websites in order to find out what games, service, and bonuses are being offered.  They don’t even have to play first.  French, Japanese, Italian, German, and Chinese will now have access to 32Red.  The online casino has 350 online casino games.  These games include poker, arcade options, slot machines, and video poker.  They also have a range of table games besides poker.

The operations director spoke to the media regarding their views on expansion.  He said they are keen to get into the global market.  They want to be able to introduce their site to those around the world.  They also want players to find bonuses which mean something to them.  In other words the bonuses are tailor made for the different countries 32Red will operate in.  The dealers and croupiers of the 11 languages will be live individuals to help the online players.  The other languages the site will cater to include Spanish, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch.  All a visitor has to do is select the appropriate language and they will be taken to the right site.

The online casino also stated that they understand a player has preferences.  They have offered a customisable option for their players regarding the loyalty bonuses and welcome options.  These customisations are something other casinos have not provided.  Along with the expansion around the globe are the four new casinos games 32Red has to offer.  They have three new slots and a casino table game.  The games are created by Microgaming.  These games are available on the new sites as well as in the UK.  32Red does provide online support to their consumers to make the online experience good for all.

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