Online Casino Goes Green

Published on: October 1, 2007 

Most people would agree that it is in our own interest to try and make sure that the world around us does not become more polluted than it already is right now. The environment is a top priority for many people and politicians alike and many people think that there are plenty of signs in the world around us that show us the deterioration of a healthy world. The ice caps are melting and more and more animals are becoming extinct.

The environment is also a very successful business topic. More and more companies are starting to realize that doing something good for the environment in most cases will also do something very good for the business. The fact that consumers are worried (or just interested) about the environment means that there is a great new opportunity for online gambling companies to find ways to let their (potential) players know that they are concerned about the environment too. This will help build a positive image for a gambling site which could possibly attract more new players. So it is a win-win situation to do something for the world around us and businesses get more income as a result.

So what are online casinos coming up with when it comes to dedicating themselves to caring for the world around us? The Euro Partners gambling site company has adopted a new plan to get creative when it comes to ‘green’ marketing. Their successful gambling site called Casino Del Rio is now offering people a great incentive to sign up as a player on their site.

Casino Del Rio and the New Green Group have put together a creative plan that will attract more people to the gambling site. But, and this has never been done before in the world of gambling, the company will plant a new tree for every new player. The tree planting plan for new sign-ups is not supposed to be a temporary thing. It is a fact that a successful Internet site takes up a lot of energy and environment-unfriendly equipment such as computers. The company behind Casino Del Rio has now pledged to bring down any CO2 emissions brought about by the maintenance of the site and the company in general. An extensive recycling plan has been adopted by the company and this shows that the tree planting scheme is really more than just a clever marketing gimmick.

The New Green Group is looking forward to helping more companies install a plan that fits their company policy. Making sure that every person and every business acts responsibly towards the environment and the world we live in may seem a small step but can make a significant difference when it comes to CO2 emission in the world.

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