Online Casino Bringing May Tournaments

Published on: April 24, 2009 

It seems this year is the time for free online casino games from a  number of casinos.  It could be the economic times asking for a  reprieve from expenses that have urged online casinos to provide some  free games before players gamble.  Golden Palace as part of Vegas  Technology is going to be offering a free roll slot tournament.

May Flowers is the name of the tournament where you will be able to  play an online slot called Cherry Blossom.  The slot has five reels  with twenty five paylines.  There are several features providing a lot  of fun within the slot game.  You will take a tour of Japan through the  online slot game with a chance to win twenty five free spins.  There  are multipliers as well.  There is a Geisha wild symbol that provides  winnings of up to $75,000.

During the tournament it is possible to win up to $65,000 for first  place.  There is a total of $150,000 to be handed out to other  winners.  Anyone in 2nd to 10th place will win between $19,500 to  $2,000.  If you are out of the top ten there are still some wonderful  prizes that will be handed out.  What makes the tournament one of the  best for the coming month is that it is free.

You do not have to play with any of your money and you get to keep the  winnings.  The game begins on May 5th and ends on May 19th.  This gives  you two weeks to earn a great deal of points in order to get in the top  ten.  At Go Casino US players are welcome as well as those from other  countries.  This gives everyone a chance to win.  Even better is the  welcome bonus round that you can earn.  This is $20,000.  The bonus  round will be waiting for you as soon as you sign up at the online  casino.

There are some restrictions to the tournament.  You have to register  with the online casino and be of eligible age.  This free game is  unlike other games being offered.  It is for a specific tournament.   There are other casinos providing free games in slots, arcades, and  even poker.  These online casinos provide you with plenty of free games  to get used to them before you start playing for real money.  There  will be more online casino tournaments at other casinos if you want to  try winning more.

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