Online Bingo Increases in Spain

Published on: September 9, 2009 

The online casino world is constantly evolving to help keep ahead of the curve and offer players what they want.  Spain announced that they are setting the next biggest online casino as a bingo site.  Spain is actually hoping to increase their online casino revenue over the next ten years.  They are hoping to more than triple the income their country can make in the online casino gambling world.  Already Spain has increased their online casinos, so bringing in online bingo sites will only help them even more.

From 2004 to 2008 the United Kingdom bingo market went from 17 bingo sites to 240 sites.  Now that it is 2009 the United Kingdom has over 300 online casinos that are first and foremost bingo sites.  Bingo sites are not just about playing that top game.  They are also going to have arcade games, lottery scratch cards, and slot machines.  These sites are something the online player loves, especially those who do not care about the table games of the other online casinos.  They can play a lot of games with the main one being bingo.

Spain hopes to follow the United Kingdom’s footsteps.  The UK has definitely had the fastest growing market for online bingo and casino sites.  In comparison Spain had around 40 online bingo sites in 2008.  This has already increased a great deal in the last eight months.  Gaming Intelligence Virtue Fusion is the latest software provider that has been added into the Spanish market.  They made a deal with Begawin.

The CEO of Virtue Fusion stated that the Spanish market could be doing 4.2 billion Euros by 2010 just in the online gaming market.  Begawin is just one of the companies that will get the revenue to this point.  It is a lucrative market and Virtue Fusion felt they had to get in while the pickings were hot.

Mecca Bingo is yet another company looking to make a run in Spain.  They have 11 land based bingo clubs in Spain, 2 in Belgium, and plenty in London.  Mecca is not only a land based company.  They have opened 100 clubs around London and the UK.  Part of this count includes online bingo sites using the Virtue Fusion software.  

Mecca Bingo will remain a top online casino, along with Paddy Power Bingo and Bet365 Bingo.  They have sites in the UK which have managed to remain solid despite credit crunch issues.

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