One Online Casino Game Down a Few More to Go

Published on: March 7, 2010 

The United Kingdom has been one European Union member to support online casinos.  They have had a number of successes.  Last year the country decided to tax online casinos a little more because they can lead to high debt among residents.  To avoid the higher taxes many online casinos moved to Gibraltar, but they have stated they will keep providing information regarding scams and online sports betting issues they see.  One casino even stated that if they do not report these scams they are hurting their own business.

The reputable companies are more than willing to make sure underhanded dealings are brought to light.  They did not have a hand in the recent scam that was uncovered, but they can also breathe a sigh of relief because there is one less reputable company out there taking money from players.

The Crown Prosecution Service made an announcement that they had seized funds.  These funds totalled 1.4 million pounds.  The scam was run by a couple who were laundering money through an illegal online casino.  Gavin and Louise Lazarus were arrested on suspicion of running the illegal online casino with a Canadian cousin.  They even admitted the scam had been ongoing for two years.  They laundered more than $14 million in illegal money during the two years.  The company‚Äôs assets have been frozen and taken away by the prosecutors on the case.

The couple used the Net Payment Solutions LTD bank account in order to store the funds.  They would then work with Cousin Maurice Rose to launder the funds through the internet payment service transferring the money to partners.  Unfortunately Golden Palace and TotalPay Services of the UK were involved, as well as some other UK companies.

Tactics such as these can happen anywhere whether it is Europe, the USA, or even China.  China had an announcement a few months back about illegal gambling and sports betting fixes.  The USA continues to hold out against legalising gambling for fear of opening the market up to scammers and worse seeing their residents enter into more debt.

The thing is that not all online casinos are bad.  There are quite a few legitimate places and if you can play wisely you will not lead yourself into debt.  It is when temptation becomes too much that debt occurs.  It is sites like the one above with money laundering schemes that puts a bad name on all online casinos.

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