One Day Left on 100K Online Casino Slot Tourney

Published on: November 30, 2009 

ach weekend there is always a number of exciting slot tournaments.  These tournaments can be free roll options where you sign up, play with the casinos money, and play with the winnings.  There are also tournaments you must pay for.  The entry fee can be a few dollars or more than $20.  They are all typically affordable.

Super Slots Casino has provided a Thanksgiving Feast Slot Tournament in honour of the United States holiday.  Super Slots Casino allows players from all over the world.  United Kingdom players are able to play in this tournament provided they paid the entry fee.  The prize pool is 100K and the winner overall will take home $50,000.  Even if you have not been in the event until now you still have a chance.

The slot tournament is still allowing you to enter and continue to play until it ends.  All you have to do is give the casino your entry fee and you will be ready to have some fun.  The entry fee is $10.00 per player.  If you run out of the $20 balance the casino provides you can always buy back in.  This weekend’s tournament is quite different from most.  Typically by this time the winners are clearly define, but this time that is not the case.  The leader only have $51K at the moment so there is a potential that you can catch up and win, even at this late hour.

The other players who are in the top winning spots will be splitting the other half of the $100K, which means they will split $50K between the top winners.  The slot being played in this round is 5 reel Wheel of Chance.  There are also plenty of bonus features added to the game.  This means you have a potential to earn even more than just the spins.  A lot of the bonus features can send you into the $100K range with just one spin.  If you really want to get ahead of the first place person this would be the way to do it.

The re-buy mentioned above is unlimited as long as you want to spend another $10.  Your balance will then be restored and you have plenty of chances to continue playing for the win.  As this slot tournament comes to an end you will have plenty of others to chose from throughout the week and end of the year.

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