New Slotland Online Casino Game

Published on: October 4, 2007 

Online casino company Slotland has released a new casino game. This new slot machine is something completely new when it comes to online gambling. It is a slot game that players will need to develop their psychic powers for to be able to play it successfully. The new game has been tested and developed over the past year or so and is called FourCast, combining a slot machine with an exciting card game option.

The player receives four different cards at the start of the game and the cards face down. The player then proceeds to predict what the suit and value of the card to be turned over will be. In every round the player multiplies the bet on a card and if a player is successful enough to make it to the third and fourth round the winnings will add up to 50% or 100%. This makes FourCast one of the most attractive games to play when it comes to reach a good win and getting a good sum of money out of a game quickly.

Slotland is expecting that players will not want to collect their winnings immediately in the first rounds of thee game. Waiting till at least the third or thee fourth round before cashing in would be a more logical way to play the game. Of course it is possible to collect the (initially small) winnings right away if players want to but as soon as players realize how quickly the total winnings will add up in the game they will want to continue playing.

The FourCast games features the largest payout of all the games featured on the Slotland online casino site. The site also offers players a very exciting progressive jackpot game with which players can try over 14 types of different slot machines to reach a mega payout if players actually manage to predict the correct suit and value of the cards that were dealt in the game. A bet as small as $10 can easily result in winnings of up to $122,000.

The other successful games on the long standing Slotland site include games such as the very popular Treasure Box game (players are offered a chance to hold the wheel after every single spin to increase the chance of winning) and games such as Lucky Stars (offering five pay lines) as well as the Booster game. This is an online casino game that makes it impossible to actually lose a single bet. Some games were developed specifically to play on mobile devices. Slotland was one of the first online casinos to develop high quality games for PDA devoices and mobile phones. The mobile casino game market is expanding rapidly.

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