New Online Slots Games Developed

Published on: October 14, 2007 

CryptoLogic has been one of the leading online casino developers since 1995. This company has always been interested in leading the way when it comes to new and challenging online casino and gambling site design and knows how to attract gamblers on the Internet. The company is especially known for its leading designs in online slot games.

These slot machine developers have now designed a new casino slot package (pack 12) and the new games included in this package can all be played at the online Intercasino website. The main features of these new slot machines are excellent graphics and exciting game play supported by great visuals.

CryptoLogic is aiming to bring more innovation and more exciting slot games and chances to win big prizes to online casino players all over the world. The company has received the Gambling Online Magazine's so-called Top Casino Software Award in the past two years of its career and the team is famous for their knowledge and understanding of online casino games and the importance of a visual draw.

One example of the games developed by this team is the new game called Computer Rage. This is an entertaining game featuring screaming bosses, and images of stressed-out workers. Computers are crashing and one of the funniest parts of the game is the opportunity for the game player to be able to smash and crash some computers with large hammers in the bonus round of this game. This is when a player can earn big prizes.
Another great example of the new games is Rajah’s Rubies. The player is transported to a land far away where there are magic carpets and mysterious characters in a game featured under a burning desert sun.

All these games will be featured on the new and ever growing list of games available at the InterCasino site. There are $100 deposit bonuses given away to new players every month to enable player to make the most of their first time enjoying the slot machines on their website. The currency of the jackpot payouts on the site depends on the currency that the player is actually making deposits in.

Online casinos are becoming more and more inventive when it comes to developing games to attract players to their sites with. Slot machines are coupled with storylines and images to make the games more enticing and players are prompted to return for another game to pick up another part of a story featured in a game. It appears that the method of attracting players this way is indeed successful and most online casinos see a rise in visitor numbers when they feature a new slot machine game on their site.

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