New Online Casino Concept from Betboo

Published on: November 2, 2009 

Online casinos are constantly trying to outdo each other.  For online players this is great because there is always a chance of finding a new game, new casino, or a new bonus to enjoy.  Betboo is one online casino that will be rolling out a different and imaginative concept, come December 1st 2009.  Betboo announced late Sunday evening that they would be offering a customized online casino.  Gaming VC is a subsidiary of Betboo and it will be launching the new online casino.

The free service will provide online players with the opportunity to create their own casino, bingo parlour, sportsbook or even poker room.  The concept is not as new as you might think, as Microgaming launched something similar last year.

However, the Betboo casino will be creating new software that will help personalize the experience.  Users will be able to import contacts from their email accounts and allow for private members lists.  This means you get to play with your closest friends first and then start the social networking option.  You can invite many people into your online casino.

Gaming VC is a corporation out of South Africa that will be allowing players from around the world to try out the free online customization of the casino.  The group is however, mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the moment for their gaming magazine.  Betboo has already been offering bingo, casino games, poker, cards, table games, slot machines, and arcade games.  The company began in 2002 and has grown to be a rather large company.  Betboo is also offering drag and drop games, and applications to make the online world even more enjoyable.

Since 2002 they have had a user friendly design and it is just getting better and better.  You have plenty of space to begin building your site for your friends.  You can even insert YouTube videos, Flickr Galleries, Twitter feeds, and much more.  Some of the games offered at Betboo casinos are from Playtech Casinos including the poker games.  Users have five different options to choose from in presentation and many other aids to help make it their own.

It is likely we will be seeing more and more customized online casinos from the consumer point of view.  Already there are numerous sites that allow you to play games where you can customize your options, so adding the benefits of playing for real cash just adds to it.

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