New Name for a Well Established Online Casino

Published on: May 22, 2007 

The popular online casino Sands of the Caribbean (aka Caribbean Sands Casino) has announced that they have decided to change both their name and their web address. The new name of the casino is now, simply, CS Casino accompanied by a domain of the same name,

Although the brand is new, CS casino has been an up and running secure online casino in operation since 1997.  Over the years they have attracted many loyal players who appreciate the quality of their site.  In order to continually increase the gaming experience for these players, old and new, CS has been on a mission to expand their presence the world over thus generating more funds which will in turn be used to create more games, bigger jackpots, better promotions, etc.  

This leads us to the reasoning behind the name swap. The main reason for the change was to merely make it easier for players to remember.  The new name is much shorter and easier to spell, especially for the non-english speaking players, whom CS is hoping to attract in their expansion efforts.

For any player currently a member at the formerly named Sands of the Caribbean Casino absolutely nothing will be affected with your account due to the re-brand to CS Casino.  Your accounts and passwords all remain the same.  If you require any support from the casino, you can email them at their new, and appropriate, email address,

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