New Milestone in Online Casinos

Published on: March 8, 2009 

Online casinos have lacked one thing that land casinos have- real live dealers.  The games up until now have been played with a random number generator that deals the cards at games like Blackjack, Poker, and other table games.  While it can be exciting to play the games as they have been it is still a lot like video poker.  In video poker the player is dealt cards with the random number generator.  The online poker has been one step up from this in offering a “fake dealer” to make it look like the cards are being dealt by a dealer.

In the 3D games it gets even better because the dealer is given such human characteristics and is able to act more like a real dealer.  For most online players this is enough, but an online casino in the Isle of Man has just been approved to take the online casino world to a whole new level.

Celton Manx Limited is going to be the first online casino able to offer live dealers.  These dealers will sit at a camera with a link to the computer.  The players online will be able to talk with the dealer and the other players in the game.  The format will still be a table style, but instead of fake figures representing real players everyone will be a live human being.

The Manx online casinos are most specifically sports book casinos with bets mostly on football.  However, with the higher number of Asian players online, Manx realised they needed a change.  It was not enough to just offer the games in the online casinos.  Players in Asia like to feel that they are in a real casino environment.  This means they want to see a real dealer rather than the random number generator that other online casinos have.

The corporation believes the changes will help to increase online casino business for them, as well as the development of businesses.  The Isle of Man is concentrating on the e-business sector for the next few years.  By allowing the live dealers at the online casinos the government is helping to grow the business.  Even the Gambling Supervision Commission has been for this new move by Manx online casino.  Part of the draw is being able to tell when the players are heading for gambling addiction because the dealers are actually aware of what is going on.  The other part is providing something the consumer wants.

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