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Published on: July 23, 2011 

Microgaming Instant Play software offers a smaller selection of the best online casino games from its Download software. But it also offers games that are not available in the Download software. Popular among these is a series of games listed as Casual Games in Microgaming Instant Play online casinos. A new game, titled Hexaline, has been added to this series in July.

Hexaline has been described as a slot styled game with a honeycomb layout. Players have to match a chain of hexagons from left to right to win. The players first select the stake, which varies from 0.10 credits to 50 credits. There are five “reels” arranged in a honeycomb pattern. The “symbols” are hexagons of different colors. Each color has a value attached to it, which depends on the stake selected. As players increase the stake the values of the hexagons will increase. The hexagon with the highest value is the “wild”, which also substitutes for hexagons of other colors. This is followed in decreasing order by blue, red, yellow, green and purple.

When the game is activated by clicking the Play button, the layout first empties out. Then hexagons of the different colors fall into the places. Any complete line of same color adjacent hexagons from left to right results in a payout. The payout is the value of the hexagon color multiplied by the number of hexagons forming the winning combinations. There have to at least five hexagons in a winning combination, but because same colored hexagons can appear in the same “reel” the number of hexagons can be more than five. The hexagons in a winning combination disappear and are replaced by a fresh set of hexagons. If the new arrangement yields winning combinations then fresh payouts are made, without any additional stake being taken from the player, and the process is repeated.

Microgaming Hexaline offers an interesting and lucrative bonus game. Some hexagons randomly have Bonus marked on them. If the player gets three Bonus hexagons anywhere in view then the bonus game is activated. The player starts by picking a hexagon from the highlighted reel. In addition to revealing the color, the hexagon will have a special mark. A right arrow will indicate that the next pick will be from the reel to the right. A left arrow will indicate that the next pick will be from the reel to the left. In this manner the player should try and complete the layout searching for winning combinations, which pay out in the usual manner. Because it is a bonus game there are special payouts. For example a star symbol reveals all hexagons and awards payouts for all winning combinations. Hexaline can be played at all Microgaming Instant Play online casinos such as All Slots and Roxy Palace.

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