New High Online Casino Jackpots

Published on: September 30, 2007 

So-called bad beat jackpot games are often a big attraction for online gambling game players and a very exciting and useful tool for online casinos to attract regular players. Online casino sites know that their jackpots can reach high money payouts and attract a huge number of visitors to their site.

The UltimateBet Company is one of those successful online poker sites that have now started a bad beat jackpot game on their gambling site and their jackpot of $112,885.50 was hit this week. The winner was the player who had lost the hand in the game and had held quad jacks. After losing to a straight flush the player won $36,678.03.

This is one of the biggest recent wins in an online casino. It appears that more and more players will not stop playing if they win a reasonably small, amount of money. The will continue playing until they have an opportunity to win a large sum of money and they keep coming back more often if there are more special promotions and extra high jackpots to be won. Most sites advertise these promotions to their regular players by e-mail. It appears that this type of marketing is successful for most online casinos in the USA.

The player who had the straight flush managed to win the pot of $18,339.01. All the other players at the virtual casino table got $1,000 each. In an unusual twist on the normal type of bad beat jackpots the online casino also proceeded to pay out $18,000 for all the other 337 players who were playing on the website at the very same price level.  Live Internet casino sites and poker rooms are often filled at the specific times when the bad beat jackpots go over a certain amount of money, usually being $100,000.

The relatively new Seminole Indian Casino situated in Coconut Creek, Florida is now also one of those online casinos that are currently promoting the fact that they expect higher visitor numbers around when the bad beat score is high. One of the regular Internet casino sites stated that they tend to play an average 2 hours a week but they can be found logged into the site and playing for over 5 hours a week when the bad beat score is running over $85,000.

More and more casinos are now coming up with new incentives for player to visit their sites. It’s not only players logging in to the sites that the casinos and betting sites are interested in. The most important thing is to keep people coming back and to keep them playing for hours on end. Offering exciting opportunities to win a large sum of money certainly helps.

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