New games to find new online casino players

Published on: October 9, 2007 

The world of online casinos is growing rapidly and every online gambling or casino website is trying its best to find a new and effective way to attract new players to their site. Of course it is also important to keep regular players interested at the same time. Developing new games and incentives for players to start playing a new game is a difficult business and most online casinos employ software development teams for this purpose.

The well-known Mansion online casino website has now developed a very easy to understand (and to play) card game that is only made available to new players on the site. The new game, called the Hi-Low card game comes with clear instructions and is meant to be a stepping-stone towards playing the real online casino games for real money. If you feel confident enough while playing the Hi-Low game you can move on to the real deal and start playing online.

The newly developed Hi-Low card game is a game that is played with only a single deck of regular playing cards. The idea of the game is for the player to successfully predict if the next card that is dealt to the player is a higher or lower card than the previous one. If you guess the right card you win. Lucky players will of course get a win and the amount of money that is won will be transferred on to the following betting round. You can then try to win a higher amount of money in the next round, as your bet is higher.

If there is a tie in the card game (the following card is of the exact same rank as the previous one) your bet would be pushed off in any other casino game. However with this game it is actually possible to bet on a draw and you will receive a 10-1 bonus in this case. New players interested in trying the Hi-Low game receive a $500 new player bonus when they sign up. Of course higher bonuses such as these will only be paid pout if the initial bonus offered is either met by an amount of playing money deposited by the player or will only be paid out if a player has reached a certain payout level in any of the casino games.

Free games and player bonuses help new players to get acquainted with the games on offer on casino websites. Research has show that new player make use of bonuses to get started and keep playing after they have discovered how easy casino games are to play. This is the main reason why many casino websites keep track of regular players’ playing time to prevent gambling addiction.

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