New Games to Come to Online Casinos

Published on: February 19, 2009 

Cryptologic is just one of the online casino software companies.  They  have just signed a deal that will bring some of the top heroes to  online casinos who host their software.  Warner Bros Digital  Distribution and DC Comics own both Superman and Batman.  They signed a  deal with Cryptologic to host the games being created from the idea of  the DC Comics.
These two superheroes will hit the online casinos  in the last part of 2009.  Cryptologic is a Dublin company who has  already targeted many of the popular characters or people in the  world.  They wanted to get more adults into the online casino world.   Comics have long been popular, especially for the older generations who  can remember when some of the comics were first released.  Batman and  Superman are not the only comics coming to the online casino world.   Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash will also be coming onto the  scene for online casino gambling.

They have already released  some of the superheroes.  These online casino games had such a high  response from online gamers that they knew adding a few more would be  even more popular.  The online casino operators have to choose, of  course, to host the games.  This will also require new licenses with  some of the online casino companies in order to start running the  Cryptologic software that encompasses the superhero line.

The  president of the company said that DC Comics are the best way to get  more individuals into the online casino world.  He stated there are few  brands that get more attention than the superheroes.  The fact is he is  right.  They have remade many of the superheroes, especially Superman  and Batman.  Hollywood is even now making more movies that surround  comics, and most particularly the DC line.  Cryptologic feels they are  doing what they are known for when it comes to the new games.

Not  only are they offering something the players are going to want to play,  but they are also providing a high quality game.  Many of the online  sites do polls to find out what gamers like to see and what they like  to play.  Cryptologic is usually in the leading spot for providing what  players want from their online casino.  The game will also be helping  the online casino revenue.  They are all looking forward to gaining  revenue from the newest online games from DC Comics.

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